WorldWind Turbine Factory is China's NO.1 factory of small wind turbines. Our mission is to demonstrate green energy is a genuinely viable proposition whether on or off the electrical grid, and that renewable energy systems represent sound financial and environmental investments in our future. Our products are not only used in China, but also exported to USA, South East Asia, Germany, Canada, Cuba etc illustrating the rapid global acceptance of our products based on advanced technological design, continuous development and state of the art manufacturing processes.

 Worldwind has benefited from extensive Government recognition and support, accelerating market demand for renewable energy and a comprehensive after sales support program. We continuously research and develop improvements in our small turbines in the areas of technical performance, manufacturing quality and reliability and cost to further increase our market position and competitiveness.


               China NO.1 Factory

Address: Worldwind Turbine Industrial Zone, Wenzhou , Zhejiang, P.R.China
Tel: 0086-577-62771027  Fax: 0086-577-62771037